FastTrack (FT4Web and FTLightning) API

Last time this page was updated 01/19/2016

Users can access FT4Web data directly from other programs (3rd Party programs) without exporting. Some popular programs include those below.

Products like Trade, OTR-Edge, FastBreak, AMIBroker 32-bit, Microsoft Excel 322-bit
and other programs that use FastTrack Data. (Keys for  search purposes OTREDGE, OTR EDGE, AMI BROKER, FAST BREAK, fast-break, TRADE.EXE, EXCEL)

  • For 32-bit Windows, be sure that two FT4Web files are copied to C:\Windows\System32

    C:\FT\FT4WIN\fasttrack.dll, C:\FT\FT4WIN\FTINDICA.dll
  • For 64-bit Windows, copy both the above files to  C:\Windows\SYSWOW64 and not to C:\Windows\System32

Otherwise, your nonFastTrack program will not be able to find/read FT data.

 If you wish to use FT data with 64-bit programs, the FastTrack 64-bit API is part of FTLightning.

Notes regarding EXCEL

The FastTrack API is compatible with 32-bit Excel, not 64-bit Excel. For the vast majority of users 32-bit Excel is totally adequate and just as fast as 64-bit

Microsoft Office has a myriad of protection facilities set up that need to be configured. Here we note those that we know of for Excel 2013. Starting on the Excel menu select File/Options/TrustCenter.. There are many relevant Trust Center settings  including, but not limited to

  • VB Scripting must be allowed
  • The root FastTrack folder and all it's subfolders (normally C:\FT) must be a Trusted Location
  • ActiveX controls must be allowed to function
  • Macros must be permitted to run.
Main Developer page for an overview