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Third Party Products

last updated 08/03/2021

Third party products are add-ons for existing FastTrack users who want more technical analysis, optimization, and automated trading systems. These products use FastTrack's open architecture to read FastTrack's data and to produce reports, charts, and screens of the thousands of investing opportunities available. Each product adds a unique capability to select and time your investments.

These products are not sold or supported by FastTrack. Each product has it's own information number and help center which is located on its web page. The links to the right will give a brief description of each product and it's features, as well as a link to the home page.

Many of these products use FastTrack provided Application Program Interfaces (they read FT data directly without exporting).

See why your 3rd party program is not be reading (or able to find) FastTrack data.

FastBreak Models portfolios using many rules and parameters. Extends FT4Web's modeling concepts. This is professional grade product well worth it's price. FastTrack has been upgraded in 2018 to ensure compatibility with FastTrack's  40-year database

Authors: Ken and Nelson Huck email2ew@edge-ware.com

FastRube A older, full, stand-alone charting and technical indicator program using FastTrack data. Some use FastRube as an alternative to FastTrack for the Web. It reads the FT databases.

From Roy, 8/6/2018
"I have made the necessary changes to the program to read the new database have put the new Version 1.77 on a server. http://www.fastrube.altervista.org/

Under 64-bit Windows you can run a virtual XP machine which will support FastRube. You would also have to install FastTrack on the virtual machine. They both work well . . . and we will support them in the virtual environment . . . BUT you need to contact Microsoft or your favorite local computer tech if are unsure how to set up "Windows Virtual PC". This capability is also, confusingly implemented as "Windows XP mode". You will be happier (and less technically challenged) if you just implement it using "Windows Virtual PC".

Author: Roy Ashworth

FastTools Obsolete.

Author: Brian Stocks brian_stocks@prodigy.net


Trade upgraded 7/10/2019

Download Trade Version here is an update to Trade v4.3. The new version was compiled by FastTrack and now properly adjusts for splits. So, this version is 100% compatible with the Stocks Database and any other securities that have splits.

Trade version 4.03

Supports Portfolios and the latest 40-year FT database.

Do not use with Stocks.

Note: New limitation: INI file names can be a max of 30-characters long.

Trade version 4.03_Complete

Includes documentation and examples.
Supports Portfolios and the latest 40-year FT database. Do not use with Stocks.

Trade version 3.05

Supports the latest 9/2013 database, and reads Stocks right, but no Portfolios.

Author:Ed Gilbert Please do not contact, FastTrack will provide limited support at 866-295-0166.

Market Timing For  market timing services, try Tom McClellan

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