Trade Program for FastTrack

last updated 08/01/2018

By Ed Gilbert


Trade is a programming language especially designed for the needs of FastTrackers. Trade automates the technical analysis and trading of mutual funds and stocks.

Trade uses the all FastTrack databases  and families. Functions provided by the program include ranking, automated trading, analysis and optimization of automated trading strategies, portfolio FNU generation, generation and analysis of signals, and a powerful expression parser and FNU file generation tool.


  1. Download t(last updated 8/1/2018). 
  2. Create a directory for the program. c:\Trade is a good choice. It must be on the same drive as your c:\FT directory.
  3. Trade program files zipped. Download the file to the \Trade directory.
  4. Extract the files from the Zip. If you are installing over a previous version, allow the files to replace existing files
  5. Read trade.doc for instructions, and changes.doc for changes in this version. You will have to set up icons to run Trade manually
  6. Although Trade is a Windows program, it is most easily run from a DOS command prompt. Open a DOS window and type the commands,

CD \Trade
TRADE T117.ini

This should run Trade to produce a short report and a trading signal file (in the C:\FT\SIG folder)

If the program will not start, be sure that FT4Web runs on your computer. Do an "Upgrade  Versions" using FTComm. Still having problems call FastTrack tech support. We cannot fix Trade, but we can ensure that you FastTrack environment is working properly to support Trade. We cannot teach you how to use Trade. Read Ed Gilbert's well done manual included in the installation files.