FT4web Internet Browser

Click the "Internet" Tab to show FastTrack's specialized Internet browser. Unlike general purpose browsers like Microsoft's Explorer and Netscape, FastTrack's Web Browser knows where to find critical investing information.

Drag a stock or fund from the Issues List or the ColorBar to the center of the browser. This will show "Available Links". You may also select the red Colorbar Cell then double-click the Issue List or arrow key down through the issue list (replacing the red cell issue). 

Available Links

These links show charts and text information pages via the Internet that display a wide range charts and indicators in real-time, delayed) for OBV (On The Balance Volume), Volume, Money Flow, Candlesticks, etc. The Various Indicators Chart shown Bollinger Bands, Williams %R, DMI, and ADX.

Internet4.gif (33956 bytes)

The index.gif (264 bytes) Button

This terrific little button is a guide to a wealth of Internet information. The Index regularly updated as important web sites update their page URL addresses.

The Index displays quickly because the page is loaded from your hard disk, not our web site. Clicking links on the page display quickly since they go directly to the relevant pages bypassing home pages.

The Index includes links to real-time charts and summaries,  Stock Screening, domestic and international  business news.

These charts accessed through this page provide intraday trading and volume information where applicable.

Clicking an index symbol (the ticker symbol to the left on each line like the red $INDU) finds the page that lists the components of the index.

The family_icon.gif (997 bytes) Button

The Make a Family Button: Once the components are visible, click the Family Build button to load the stock issues that make up the index into the FT's Internet Tab. From there the Issue List may be saved as a family.

In the example above, the Dow Jones 30 Industrials were pulled from the Web and loaded into an Issue List.

FastTrack uses a variety of techniques to parse web page content using Artificial Intelligence techniques to determine the best method.   If these techniques may not produce acceptable results, select the text that contains the desired symbols. Click and Hold at the beginning of the text and move the mouse to the end of the desired text. Whenever text is selected, only the selected part of the web page will be parsed.

To tell the browser which issue you want information about:

  • Drag and drop a symbol from the Color Bar or the Issue List onto the browser area.
  • Double-click an issue on the ColorBar.
  • Click the NewSymbol.gif (100 bytes) button then enter a ticker symbol.
  • Highlight the Red ColorBar cell. single-click an Issue List member, and then use the up/down arrow keys to step through the list. See details below.

As you move through the issues, the browser will display the same page for the new issue as was last displayed for the old issue. NOTE: Mutual Funds, Stocks, and Indices don't all have the same pages. Thus, moving from a stock "Insider Trading" page to a mutual fund (funds don't have insider trading) will not change the display.

Choosing the Information You Want to See.

Click the Browser_home_Button.GIF (974 bytes) button shows the "Available Links" page of the last symbol you selected (or the symbols in the ColorBar red cell. This page is created by FastTrack. The content of the page changes depending on the type of issues you select: Mutual Fund, Stock, Exchange Trade Funds, Market Index,. etc. Click on any of the links to get the information desired from the web.

Web information is supplied by a variety of information services, not FastTrack. While FastTrack cannot be responsible for its accuracy or availability, we can easily change the links to better providers of similar information. Your feedback and comments are earnestly solicited. The web is constantly changing. Help us find the best information. Send email to paul@fasttrack.net

Stocks in the News

The can also extract ticker symbols embedded in news stories. In some cases, this process may find symbols which may not be actual mutual fund or stock tickers. These extra symbols must be manually deleted from the list.

If you highlight nothing, then the entire story will be checked for tickers. This will increase the probability that FT4WEB will find uninted symbols.

To highlight, click, hold, and drag the curson across the desired text.

Family Extraction for Stock Picking

Stocks widely held by institutional investors have chart patterns that are more amenable to technical analysis.

The FastTrack stock databases contain virtually all of the top 10 holdings of all equity mutual funds. Here are the steps for using this information.

  1. Display the Available Links for a fund whose manager has a reputation for strong fundamental analysis.
  2. Click the Holdings Link.
  3. Click . The stocks in the holdings list will replace the Issue List.
  4. Review the current charts on the Chart Tab for the listed stocks relative to the green AVG line.
  5. Pick a likely BUY candidate.
  6. Return to the Internet Tab and drag/drop the ticker of the candidate into the browser.
  7. Click on the News link and other information, as desired, to research the investment's prospects.

The Toolbar

Browser_left_arrow.GIF (943 bytes) Loads the previously viewed page in the current History.

Browser_right_arrow.GIF (950 bytes) Loads the next page in the current History.

Browser_home.GIF (974 bytes) Shows the available Internet links for the current symbol.

Browser_Refresh_button.GIF (977 bytes) Reloads the current page. This feature is useful when updating a real-time chart. The same charts as currently displayed would be downloaded again with the latest data charted. If the ticker symbol was changed with the

Browser_NewSymbol_button.gif (100 bytes) button, the reload will reflect that new symbol. Not available while a page is loading.

Browser_stop_Button.GIF (950 bytes) Stops the current page load. This button is disabled unless a page is loading.

Browers_print_Button.GIF (960 bytes) Prints the loaded page.

Save your favorite links. Works like Favorites on Internet Explorer.

Browser_History_Button.GIF (995 bytes) Shows all pages loaded during the current browsing session and allows you to go to any previous page. Please note: Once a page is put in the History, it maintains that position even if viewed again later.

Browser_History_Button.GIF (995 bytes) Takes all symbols from the loaded page and loads them into the Family Funds List. Not available while a page is loading . .  wait until the button is ungrayed.

Browser_indices_Button.gif (969 bytes) Loads a page of interesting information to choose from. There are a host of useful links on the web.

Browser_NewSymbol_button.gif (100 bytes) Change the ticker symbol for subsequent charts. Use this if you want to bypass fooling with issue lists and ColorBar. If you do not know the symbol ticker, then enter a ? and FT will let you look it up interactively through the Internet.

This button pups down The "Show FastTrack  Menu" to control various Internet Tab functions.

internet_browser3.gif (2185 bytes)

Show FastTrack Menu

Click the button to show the Internet Tab' FastTrack Menu. Each menu item is described below in visual order.


  • 1- Minute, 5 minute, and Candlesticks charts come from the internet and are provided in real-time (20-minute) delayed. The charts include volume.
  • Daily, Weekly, and Monthly charts are there for comparison-to-FT purposes and for their volume.
  • Family snapshots: Displays a whole page of small real time (delayed) charts. The charts displayed are for the ticker symbols in the Internet Tab's Issue List. 
  • FT4WEB is the fastest, quickest way to see your portfolio during the trading day.
  • You can also load all the stocks in a sector and view the breadth of a move. If all charts are up for the day, then the move is strong and likely to continue.
  • Instead of directly selecting issues from the Issue List, click on any of the Snapshots to bring up the "Available Links" page for the issue.
  • Frequency and Span control the Family Snapshots AND the Trading Range charts ((ETF's only). These charts are generally best used for short span (2-5days) at frequent intervals (5-15 minutes).
  • Always Reload Real Time Charts: Real time charts change every minute during the trading day. The default checked status means that the charts are always reloaded before viewed. 


  •  Current URL: Places the text of the full URL onto the clipboard. URLs can be quite long, too long to conveniently display on the browser. If you must know the full URL, then click "Current URL" and then paste the text into Notepad or other application to read it.
  • Selected Text: You can select text in a web page by dragging over it (standard Windows technique). Clicking on Selected Text will copy the text (without HTML tags) to the clipboard.
  • HTML Source: This copies the HTML (a special format text file) currently being viewed to the clipboard with tags. You might wish to do this if you are a web page author and want to copy fully formatted page images.


 You can select the same fundamentals here as you can on the Available Links page. Right-clicking may be more convenient and quicker. Note: Stocks don't have holdings. Selecting this option for a stock does nothing. No error message is displayed.

  • Quote and Option Chain pull up real-time (20-minuted delayed) information.
  • Full Browse: Clicking this menu item starts your general purpose web browser and tells it to display the current page.
  • Retrieve Names not in FT DB
     The  button retrieves ticker symbols from the text of the page and displays them in the Issue List.  Symbols which are not in the FT Databases will be displayed in lower case.