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FastTrack Live Online Support Services (FLOSS)

Training and Support - Help us to help YOU within moments

  • FT Tech Support will be able to see your screen.
  • Share your mouse and keyboard.
  • We will call you if needed.
  • Teach you how to use FastTrack.
Enter your first name
and Phone number
     then click 
Security Warnings and Pop Up messages
  • You must click on these warnings to give us permission to connect .
  • You must answer positively! OK, Yes, Unblock, Permit
  • Always Run or Open instead of Saving. (Microsoft Internet Explorer)
  • Other browsers may require Save in which case you must know how to run/open the small program after downloading.

I Cannot get Connected to FLOSS

Most connections problems occur because you do not respond to the 2-4 pop-up windows that Windows and your firewall software require. Close all open windows before starting so that the pop-ups are easier to see.

It says a technician is unavailable!

Well almost, what it actually says is,
Please call 866-295-0166 x 2. 
We don't keep FLOSS up all the time.