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Screening with the Family Tab Sieve

Updated 11/16/18

What's a family?

Families are saved-on-disk collections of issues according to a variety of criteria. There are FastTrack predefined families in many categories and a special category  of personal families that you create yourself using tools on FastTrack's Family Tab.

The Family tree is a collapsing/expanding tree structure. Click the little Plus sign o the left of each Category to expand or collapse the tree.

The Sieve combines, filters, and removes issue in the Issue List to create a custom list that can be saved as a Personal Family.

Creating a Custom Family using the Sieve

The following is an example of screening to create a family of issues that meets your specific criteria. It describes the use of the Family Tab Sieve

As a training exercise, lets make a diversified family that meets the following criteria.

  1. Consider only funds with long-time, experienced managers.
  2. Limit the selection to only US funds.
  3. Include only equity funds.

Steps: Start by clicking on the Family Tab.

  1. Clear the Issue List by right-clicking the list and selecting "Clear List". We will build our new screened family in this list.
  2. Find the family managed by Senior managers. As shown above ,expand (click the little + sign to the left) for the Mutual fund Category in the Family Tree. Continue expanding until the Fundamental Category expanded then expand then Manager Tenure category.
  3. Click once on the M-Senior line which selects it.
  4. Click the Sieve's [ + ] button. This Puts the M-Senior funds in the Issue List
  5. Expand the ALL Category and select the ALL-INT family.
  6. Click on the   [ - ] button  This gets rid of all international funds in the Issue List.
  7. Select the ALL-EQ family, then click the AND button ion the Sieve. This keeps funds that are in the current Issue list and the ALL-EQ family. Now it is a list of US equity funds with Senior management
  8. Right Click the Issue List and select Save as Family. Provide a simple name for your choice. Your personal family will be saved as a file so its names must be a legal Windows file name.