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Commentary Viewer

Updated 04/01/14

Clicking on the Comment Tab loads  the Commentary Viewer. This may take a few moments. Once loaded, you should see the following:

comment.gif (9339 bytes)

What is the Commentary Viewer
  • Commentary tells you about current FastTrack events and suggests methods for using FastTrack tools in current market conditions.
  • Commentary is organized in a tree-structure. The major headings are initially displayed and you have to expand them to see the subordinate topics below.
  • To read a commentary, double-click the numbered line in the tree. Full text and graphics will appear in the window to the right.
The Commentary Toolbar comment3.gif (1012 bytes)

Spy Glass Search - Displays the Commentary Search Toolbar.
Printer - Prints the currently displayed commentary.
Collapse All
- Collapses the Commentary List to show only the highest levels.
Expand All - Expands the Commentary List to show all commentaries.
New Topics - Shows all unread commentaries as identified by an "*" in the current Commentary List.
Refresh Outline - Returns the Tree to its initial status. Use this option if commentaries appear to be missing.
Sort by Date - Shows all commentaries currently shown in the Commentary List sorted by date.
*Remove all *'s - Removes the "*" that marks commentaries as unread from all commentaries in the Commentary List.
?Help - Loads this page into the help viewer.

Please note, all functions except Print, Search, and Help only operate on the commentaries listed in the Commentary List. If you perform a search and only four commentaries are shown, most functions will only operate on those four commentaries. If you wish for an operation to be performed on all commentaries, first Refresh Outline.

The Commentary Search Toolbar has the following functions:

comment4.gif (764 bytes)

This toolbar allows you to enter a word or phrase. Upon clicking the "Search" button, a list of commentaries containing the requested search phrase will be displayed. Clicking on one of them will load that commentary into the display window. When done searching, click the "Exit" button to quit the search.

Click Tree next to the toolbar or right-clicking in the Commentary Tree area brings up the following pop-up menu:

comment1.gif (1099 bytes) Font - Allows you to change the font displayed in the tree area.
The remainder of these commands perform the same function as their counterpart on the Commentary Toolbar.

Click Display next to the toolbar or right-clicking in the Commentary Viewing area brings up the following pop-up menu:

comment2.gif (780 bytes) Show Comment # - Allows you to enter a specific commentary number for viewing.
Search - Brings up the Search Form described above.
Print - Prints the currently loaded commentary.
Font - Allows you to change the font size in the Commentary Viewing area.
Background Color - Allows you to change the background color of the commentary display area.
Full Browse - Opens the commentary in your default web browser. This helps to view commentaries and images that do not fit on the normal screen