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Technical Support

These questions are asked in more than half of tech support calls.
  1. Install FTComm ver. 5 or higher. This is the first step for installing on a new machine. Click the link to see install help
  2. Trade upgraded 7/10/2019. All known problems fixed.
  3. The Family Tree does not respond to clicks or fails with an error message now FIXED as of July 2017
  4. Add issues to the database or data problems.
    Answer: Send email to Provide the ticker and the issue name.
  5. FT4Web screen locks up on startup.
    Right-click the Windows desktop. Select display settings. Select Advanced display scaling. HEED any warnings to NOT set a custom display scale.
  6. Virtual XP.Click for Details
  7. FT Print Preview error with Windows 10. Workable fix as of 08/03/21
  8. For support: Call 866-295-0166 x 2.
    If we don't answer live, then
    (1) Say your name, then immediately give your phone number S-L-O-W-L-Y
    (2) Describe the problem, including the name of the program that is failing and exact words in the error message that you may be seeing. This info will help us route your call to the correct support level for faster response.