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  • Get data update access within a minute of the transaction.

  • Add another FT Database to your subscription.

  • Print an invoice to mail in with your check.

  • or, call 866-295-0166 during business hours to renew.
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Pricing. Subscription Documents

You will need your account and password to subscribe online. To get these,
click the User Settings Tab at the top of FTComm. Both the account and password are fully visible on that User Settings tab. Call 866-295-0166x1 8AM - 5:00 PM Central (Friday close at Noon) market days for personal assistance.


Guide to Installing/Backing-up/Restoring/Repairing FastTrack FT4Web

If you haven't rebooted your new computer recently, now is a good time, then choose one of the options below

If you already have FTComm version % (illustration at the right) Stop now.
You are done.

  1. Uninstall FTComm using the Windows Control Panel.
  2. Reboot Windows.
  3. Reinstall the latest FTCOMMM by clicking here now
  4. On the FTComm User Setting Tab, ensure that Backup user data is check marked. The Restore is fully featured and FREE.
  5. Do an FTComm Update. The data Update and the Online Integrity Check has been combined. Booth are performed.

Installation Notes for System Administrators

  • DO NOT install as one Windows user account, then expect to use FT when logged in as a different Windows user account.

  • FT4Web uses INI files (as was common practice before Windows Vista). If you install security software that prevents FT programs from modifying its own .INI files, then your user will get error messages on start up and shut down of FT4Web Charting and Ranking.

  • There still are dozens of ways that a you, as a System administrator installing/configuring Windows, firewalls, spyware and, virus software, can shut down a system so tight that FastTrack will die from lack of oxygen. Further, FastTrack Support uses LogMeInRescue for support and training. If you lock out such remote control services, we will be UNABLE to help.

  • DO NOT prevent the user from modifying/changing files in the root\FT folder. By default, FastTrack installs in the root\FT and NOT in "\Program Files\" as a courtesy to the many older 3rd Party programs which use FT data which cannot tolerate long files names with spaces in them. When installing, accept the default install locations unless there is a darn good reason to change. Certainly, changing the drive letter is perfectly acceptable . . . but not when that drive is a networked drive that the user will be unable to modify.

The job is not complete until the user is able to run FTComm to update data, then to see charts, and shut down without an error message.


  • For individuals, Download the Single Computer License and Single Subscription
    To use FastTrack data or charts in a newsletter or on a web site, Download the Data Publisher License .

  • Print the FastTrack for the Web manual click here. You must have already installed at least the FTComm portion of FT4Web in order to have the specialized fonts required to view and print this manual.

  • Download the Using FT4Web 4-page introductory exercise (frequent references to the manual).


  • Using your FastTrack account and password (FTComm User Setting Tab) Get the Training DVD. Since Windows 10 does not have a DVD player utility download one here free. Note: Most computer manufacturers will have already installed a similar free DVD player for you. Look for it in your start button menu.

  • Download the FT4Web Manual (64-page PDF)

  • Download a 4-page initial training guide .

  • A historical document that shows what we were recommending to users in the mid 1990's who were using FT4DOS . These techniques worked then, and continued to work through today . . . and FT4Web has far more powerful features.

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