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Help Using Help

last Updated  06/16/14


Clicking the Help Tab displays the Help Center. From here you can find help on all FastTrack topics, or search for help on a specific topic.

This Help is upgraded online staying  synchronized with the FastTrack product. The support crew updates this help. It is revised when every a customer asks a good question that is not adequately covered in this Help . . . so Help has gotten progressively more helpful over the years.

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  • The Help Toolbar has the following functions:
    - Clicking the left arrow displays the previous page in the browser history.
    - Clicking the right arrow displays the next page in the browser history.
    - Displays the Help Center page.
    - Clicking the printer button prints the currently loaded help page.
    - Clicking the spyglass button displays the Help Search Toolbar.
    - Shows the pages previously viewed. Click on a previous page to bring it back up.
    - Clicking the fruit button lists all available Tutorials. As of 2010, many are obsolete.

Help Center

Hopefully, you are better looking than the worried man. If you don't see him, then click on Help Home button

Fixing Problems

The numbered topics next to the worried man are the topics most frequently asked about when FastTracker's call Technical Support. Please review them before calling us.

Data Blog

Below the worried man in red is a link to our Data Blog. If  . . .

  • you are having problems getting your data, click the link.
  • We'll notify you of problems, and, if you are curious,  provide years of update history.
  • the servers are not up,
  • a hurricane has shut down the office
  • FastTrack's a holiday.
  • the market laid an egg

We'll likely have something to say about it in the blog.

The Star Topics

These are about using FastTrack, not about fixing problems. Each enters the help pages at a different view point. 

Hit the F1 Key

This is commonly called context sensitive help. On any Tab (not the Help Tab)., out your mouse on some "object" that you see. Hit the F1 key on your keyboard.

FT4Web will switch to the Help Tab and display the help for that object.