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Updated 03/16/99

What is an acceptable investment?

No one sensible suggests shorting technology stocks to widows and orphans. No one sensible suggests certificates of deposit long-term for young, double-income, healthy couples. Seek help if you do not agree with these statements.

The tougher question is "What is sensible?" for a typical FastTracker - - who, by in large, fall into difficult in between categories.

Goals, Goals, Goals
    "If you don't know where you're going, any old map will do". (Alice in Wonderland).

If you do not understand your financial goals, then  FastTrack is of no use to you. Put it back in the box and get a refund. Or, do some home work. All investors want to make a lot of money fast with no risk. Let's start by dismissing that goal. The right starting point is "How much do I need to make?". Quicken Financial Planner ($39.95 at CompUSA and other stores) is a great tool for that purpose. GET IT! Nothing in FastTrack will help you set your sights quicker.

7-10% Annual Return

If you only need 7-10% annually, then buy and hold the following mutual funds wpe2.gif (13494 bytes)

  • Gateway Index Plus, GATEX
  • The Merger Fund, MERFX
  • Gabelli ABC, GABCX

These funds pursue conservative strategies that produce more return than money market and CD's. Mutual funds in the BD-JUNK family of mutual funds timed with a 25-Day moving average are another alternative.

10-13% Annual Return for the next 20 years

Buy broad-based equity mutual funds, and hold them forever,

14%-20 Annual Return for the next 10 years

Trade broad-based Mutual Funds:

20-30% Annual Return for the next 5 years

Trade Sector Mutual funds:

Avoid PRECIOUS family funds (gold funds). These are too volatile to trade against other mutual funds. Trade gold intra-day using futures and timing.

More return over less time than above

This is the realm of stock pickers. Use timing tools on more volatile issues and trade several times per month. Review Fundamentals.

50% Annual Return NOW

If you must make 50% now, then try futures and options. This is outside the realm of FastTracking. Best of luck.