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Trend Lines

Updated 04/17/14

FastTrack for the Web allows you to draw multiple trend lines.

When you can draw a trend, then the issue is "trending". While an Issue is trending, you should use trend-following indicators, not trading-range indicators.

A neat aspect of FastTrack's trends is that you can, for example, draw the trend on an AVG of a family of funds or stocks, and then step through the members of the family to determine which are ahead or behind in the current move. The trend will automatically adjust itself to whatever red line is currently drawn.


  • Trends are drawn on the red line of the T or P Charts.
    If other color lines are on the chart, they will be ignored. trends are relevant ONLY to the red line.
  • You may draw up to 20 trends on a screen.
  • A trend line has four points as shown below. Four clicks at the numbered points below define the trend. Points 1 and 4 set the trend start and end points . These points do not need to touch the red line. Points 2 and 3 set the slope of the trend and MUST touch the red line.
  • You may save trends and reload them as you wish.

Step by Steptrendline.gif (8830 bytes)

Click on the "Trend" button on the Chart Tools Toolbar.

  1. Click a left starting point for the trend line somewhere on the Charts.
  2. Move to a bottom and click. 
  3. Move to the next bottom and click.
  4. Move to the end of the trend and click.

Warning: Backing up over any a click will undo that click. If the click is in the right place, then move to the right and do the next click. If the click was on the wrong day,  backup over that click to reset it.

Helpful Hint:
When drawing an Uptrend, Points 2 and 3 should touch the lowest point on the line segment. To find the lowest point easily, hold down the <Control> key as you move the pole. The pole will stop in the lowest point of the red line that it has passed over. <Control> + <Shift> while moving the pole to finds the high point. Warning: Some keyboards do not properly interpret the combination of <control><shift>. Be sure you are using the right mouse driver

Optional: Right-click the Chart Tab Toolbar and select Trend extend to make all trend lines extend to the most recent date charted. 


The Trend Line Label

Once drawn, the trend will display a percentage at the top. This trend label shows the percentage gain of the trend. The label can be dragged to a more convenient place if you like.

Right-clicking on the trend label brings up several options.

trendlines1.gif (401 bytes)

Font - Changes the label's font.
Remove - Delete the label.
Text - Change the label's text.

Trend Line Thickness(Width)

The Appearance Dialog has settings for the trend line width. Set the width before drawing the trend.

Removing Trend lines

Be sure that the Trend Button is pressed. The shading is slight, but you can click and unclick several times to ensure that you can tell the difference.

Double-click beneath the trend line to select it (the line will turn dashed instead of solid) and then hit the <Delete> key on your keyboard. The double-click will always select the trend line above the cursor.

To get rid of all trends. Right-click on the Chart toolbox and select Trend/Clear.

Trend Saving

Right-click on the chart and select Save/trend lines . Trends are saved in a file under a name you specify.


Displayed trends will be saved when you shut down  FT4WEB to the file, C:\FT\FT4Win\TRENDS\DEFAULT.TRN. On restarting FT4WEB, the DEFAULT trends are drawn. Remove the trend lines before shutdown to clear the DEFAULT.

Trends can be loaded again later by right-clicking the chart and selecting Load/trend lines .

Keys: Trend, trend line, trend lines , Draw Trend, trends, trend button