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FastTrack API

Updated 01/19/16

You may write your own programs using FastTrack data and families. The FastTrack API includes capabilities to read the FastTrack databases, family files and FNU files

To support third-party developers, Investors FastTrack supplies Application Program Inferfaces (API) for accessing FastTrack databases, FNUs, and family files,

In 2010 we obsoleted the original FastTrack API and the FastTrack Family API. Replacing both with a far broader, and easier to use FTShell API. However, all the original API's still work and are supported. We simply encourage new development using the 64-bit FTLightning.NET API and 32-bit FTShell ActiveX API

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Long term Compatibility

We strongly urge developers using Windows 32-bit and 64-bit compilers to take advantage of these DLL. Using these DLL's will insulate you from changes in FastTrack's formats over the years. We intend to maintain binary compatibility with these programs as they exist in August of 1999. Any needed changes will be done in newly created calls which do not compromise compatibility.

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High Priority Maintenance

FastTrack, itself, uses these API functions, therefore, you can be assure that maintenance of these functions is highly important to use. FastTrack will maintain the correct version on the users system.

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No Need to Distribute

Developers DO NOT have license to redistribute these programs and do not have the need to do so since. FastTrack will provide Developer's nonFastTracking prospects a free trial (CD or web download) that includes these DLLs. Developers who would like to produce a complete, physical product may include the FastTrack Installation Wizard setup file from our web download,

FTLightning .NET API (2014)
A .NET API : This is a 64-bit interface to the FastTrack dividend-adjusted prices, date conversions,  technical indicators, statistical functions, and  families. This is a .NET DLL which also has an ActiveX interface. The data source for FTLightning is a REST web server, not a local database.
The FTShell API (2012)
The FTShell API, which uses FTShell3.dll is the 32-bit interface to the FastTrack dividend-adjusted prices, date conversions,  technical indicators, statistical functions, and  families. This is an ActiveX control. It operates only on a locally installed and updated database on your computer. The documentation is usually in your FastTrack folder


The FastTrack API (1998) obsolete
The FastTrack API, which uses FastTrack.dll is the interface to the FastTrack database and FNU files. Samples of code are supplied, in C and C++, Visual Basic, and Delphi. This is a COM object


This is a relatively low level access method, Use FTShell or FTLightning instead.

The FastTrack Family API (2001) obsolete
The FastTrack Family API, which uses FTFamRed.dll is the interface to the FastTrack families, both FastTrack and user-defined families.  This is an ActiveX control. All family functionality is embedded in FTShell and FTLightning.