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Chart Pop-up Menu

Updated 11/15/21

Right-clicking the mouse in the chart will bring up the "pop-up" menu pictured here. From this menu you can perform several tasks within FastTrack for the Web. These tasks are described below.
Unadjusted Close
Adjusted Close
Print Chart
Ignore Distributions
pEriod displayed
Rebuild Index


This will bring up the Appearance dialog, which allows you to change various aspects of the chart.

Load / Save

These menu items allow you to load or save program aspects. It will bring up a submenu with the following items to pick from:

chrtmenu1.gif (1444 bytes) Chart
trend lines

Adjusted/Unadjusted Close

This will cause the prices displayed as the Dashed Pole moves to show unadjusted or adjusted closing price. Adjusted prices are computed by factoring in the impact of dividends, splits, and other forms of distributions.

Viewing adjusted prices makes it easier to underhand how the chart lines are drawn . . . the charts are always drawn using adjusted prices. Viewing unadjusted prices make it easier to match up what you see in FastTrack to your brokerages statement or an old copy of The Wall Street Journal.

For information on how to adjust prices. See the Distribution Adjustment WorkSheet.

Ignore Distributions

This will either allow funds to be charted with or without distribution adjustment. An example of this menu item's effect can be seen by charting a money market fund, such as VMFXX.

VMFXX, with distribution adjustment, is charted as a "stair-step". Without distribution adjustment, VMFXX is charted as a straight line - as its price is always equal to $1.

pEriod displayed

This will bring up a submenu from which you can select the date range to draw the charts over. Periods to select.

Rebuild index

This option moved to the Index Tab.


Clicking will display/hide the Chart Tools toolbar.


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