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Chart Tab: Performance Tabs

Updated 06/25/14

Val Tab

This section of the chart displays various performance statistics for the lines displayed. There is also information for dates and settings. See Performance Values Abbreviations for definitions of each value.

Performance values change as the Statistic Poles are moved. They reflect the performance "between poles". If there is no Solid Pole, then performance is measured from the Dashed Pole to the most recent date displayed.

There are performance values for the J and 2 Charts (not shown) that are affected by the tics above the J or 2 Chart, the Trading Delay, the status of Chart Toolbar/Signals/Reverse, and the selection of the 2MM issue.

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Index Tab

This Tab contains an alphabetical list of all issues available in all databases present. FNU files are embedded alphabetically.

Adding Index issues to the Issue List

Double-click on and index issue and that issue will be added to the Issue list on the List Tab. The added issue will be grayed to indicate that it is already a member of the Issue list

Instead of double-clicking, you can type the name OR symbol of the Index issue into the entry box at the top of the list. The Index list will scroll until the desired issue is displayed at the top of the list. Note: The list stops scrolling when there are no lines left at the bottom.

More on building families and lists from the Index List.

Charting Index issues

Drag and Drop any Index Issue onto a ColorBar Cell. Move the mouse to the center of the charts to redraw the charts with the new issue.

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Right-click on the Index List to rebuild.

This is sometimes necessary when the database has been upgraded or replaced. Usually, the index rebuild automatically when FastTrack starts. If you cannot load an issue which you KNOW is in the database, then try this rebuild.

List Tab

This Tab contains the Issue List for the Chart Tab. Right-click on the Issue list to load/save the Issue List as a family or to clear it.

Drag and drop Issue List members to the ColorBar to change the lines displayed. You may highlight multiple issues and drag to the ColorBar to produce an average.

You may drag and drop ColorBar issues to the Issue List. Click on the Index List to add issues to the Issue List. Use the Delete Key to delete highlighted issues from the list. 

See the Issue List help topic for expanded explanations.

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