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Statistical Poles on Mutual Fund and Stock Charts

Updated 03/11/14

There are two poles: A Dashed Pole and a Solid Pole. There are several ways to move the poles.

The Dashed Pole's date position will slide along with the Dashed Pole.

The position of the poles affect the values on the Val SubTab, and the Spreadsheet Tab.


When the Dashed Pole rests on a day with a distribution a distribution information box will pop up for the mutual fund or stock in red.

Right-click on distribution information box to disable it. '

To enable the distribution information, right-click on the date label that follows the pole. (This date label expands to show the dividend summary.)

Performance Values "Between the Poles"

Performance values showing the performance of the mutual fund or stock during the date range are located in the column on the right side of the chart. Performance values are calculated from the Dashed Pole to . . .

  1. the end of the chart when no Solid Pole is planted.
  2. between the poles when a Solid Pole is visible.

Both case #1 and #2 above are often referred to in this help as the period "between the poles".

To view statistics for a date range
  1. Hold down the shift key.
  2. Move the Pole to earliest date of the range.
  3. Plant a Solid Pole by clicking once with the shift key still held down. OR release the Shift key and then hit the <Down arrow> on your keyboard.
  4. Click and hold the mouse in the center of the chart. Move to the latest date of your desired date range. This should "drag" the Dashed Pole

The date label will show the date range. Performance values on the right side of the chart will be calculated on this date range.

To remove the Solid Pole
  1. Move the mouse onto the chart.
  2. Hit the key

The Date Label Can be Adjusted

Right-click date label to change the font and size.

Change the vertical position of the date label by dragging it to the desired level. To drag,

  1. Move the mouse over the date label.
  2. Click and hold.
  3. When the sinewave.gif (257 bytes) drag icon appears, drag the label to the desired vertical position.
  4. Release the mouse button.

Distribution Summary

The date label discussed above changes to the distribution label when the Dashed Pole rests on a distribution (white dot on the red line). Also, when the Dashed Pole is on the last date of the period, a summary of distributions for the entire period displays.

  • Font changes the font label. We recommend the use of Courier New Font.
  • Div Info show turns the display of dividend information in this data label on/off.
  • Show Adj Price Spreadsheet. This causes and file named,       C:\FT\FT4WIN\TEMP\FTDIS.CSV
    to be written. Loading this file into Excel will show how FastTrack adjusts the red line prices for distributions. The file is still present even if the menu item is grayed out (FT cannot start Excel for some reason on your system). In this case, start your spreadsheet and open the file manually.

  • Show Tax Spreadsheet: This is an optional FastTrack program.

Finding the Highest Priced Day for a Mutual Fund or Stock

While moving the Dashed Pole with the mouse, hold down the <Ctrl> key. The Dashed Pole will lock onto the day of the highest red line price that the mouse passes along.

Finding the Lowest Priced Day

While moving the Dashed Pole with the mouse, hold down the<Shift> + <Ctrl> keys. The Dashed Pole will lock onto the day of the lowest price that the mouse passes through.